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SMS Provider provides customers with free Bulk SMS units which includes two messages FREE TRAIL and 5% FREE BOUNS for new sign-ups.

We prioritizes fast and cost-effective bulk SMS delivery process as we understand the urgent need to have messages delivered to clients on time. Payment methods have also been simplified to aid the process of getting started on the platform.

Also, the minimum Bulk SMS unit available for sale on this platform is 500 units. The main message is entered in the Compose SMS box on the Compose SMS page. The number of characters in the Signature box will be considered if you are using Signature Content. You can go to your “Personal Settings” page and save or modify the signature content.


Free Bulk SMS Units

Sign Up to SMS Provider for Free Bulk SMS Units 

These (5) steps below will guide you through our Bulk SMS registration process and how to redeem your free Bulk SMS units:

Step 1: Visit our website homepage SMS Provider. Click on the “Sign In” menu at the top-right of our homepage.

Step 2: Fill the empty spaces – a standard registration form consists of the contact name, company name, email address, phone number, username, and password. Then click on “Register”.

Step 3: Visit your email. Go to your mail box and click on the link to confirm and activate your account.

Step 4: Go back to your newly registered Bulk SMS account, look at the top right part of the page for FREE BULK SMS UNITS.

Step 5: Fund the account to be able to start sending messages to recipients. This can be done by using your debit card online, bank transfer or bank payment over the counter.

Note: The minimum amount that can be paid in most Bulk SMS platforms is N1000. After payment has been made into one of the bank options provided, you will automatically be credited to start sending out messages.

Steps For Sending Bulk SMS on Beta SMS  

  1. After you must have “signed up” on SMS Provider platform.
  2. Click “Compose SMS” under Member Menu, by the left-hand side of your screen.
  3. Input the number you want to send bulk SMS to in the box titled mobile/note.

Note: You will need to separate individual numbers by a comma or enter button while you are sending SMS to multiple numbers. It is advisable you also include your personal telephone number to confirm delivery.

  1. Enter SENDER ID this means the name you want your recipients (target audience) to receive the message from in the box titled sender. On the compose SMS page, (it must be alphanumeric and maximum of 11 character length).
  2. Type your message in the message box.
  3. Schedule box (optional), you can use this option/feature when you want your messages to be sent at a later time.
  4. Then click on the send button, to send your messages to your target audience.

Get your account for sending bulk SMS today!

Once you complete your initial sign-up form, our sales/customer service team will be in touch and provide you with your account configuration details to you so you can start using it with our platform.

In addition, our service is a 24/7 message delivery platform.

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Sign Up to ENJOY YOUR FREE BULK SMS UNITS AND 5% FREE BONUS. Also get 5% free bonus every Friday for both new and existing customers!

Finally, you can reach out to us or +234 909 871 9082 if you have further questions.


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