Send Bulk SMS To Your Phone Contacts

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Below is a step-by-step guide on how to send Bulk SMS to your phone contacts.

SMS Provider offer solutions on how to send a customized bulk SMS to your phone contacts.

With Bulk SMS, you can send messages to a lot of recipients at a cheap rate. With a customized sender ID but on your mobile phone and laptop as long as your device is connected to the internet. Using the Bulk SMS provider platform, you can send to up to 150,000 numbers at once.

SMS Provider has provided solutions on how to send Bulk SMS to your phone contacts. Whether you have their numbers saved on your phone or not. To be able to enjoy this easy bulk SMS service, sign up on the platform.


Send Bulk SMS To Your Phone Contacts

How To Send Bulk SMS To Your Phone Contacts

  1. Create a bulk SMS account by completing the registration form with the following details: contact name, mobile number, email address/ username, password, and referral code (if any)
  2. Fund your account by using your debit card or transferring to any of the account numbers on the website
  3. If the payment was done through transfer, text your email address, amount paid and the bank you paid into to the support number on the page.
  4. On the text messaging page, click on the first box to choose the option upload contacts if you have the numbers on txt or csv file. If the numbers are not on either of the file, separate them with comma or enter then copy and paste in the mobiles box
  5. Type in your sender ID (maximum of 11 characters)
  6. Type your message and send
  7. On the dashboard click on “report” then choose “delivery” from the option to view your delivery report.


how to send Bulk SMS to your phone contacts

Customers contacts can be saved by clicking on ‘directory” on the dashboard then choose “numbers” form the options. On the new page, name the list of number, paste the number (separate with comma or enter) in the numbers box

With these easy steps you can send bulk SMS on smsprovider.com.ng

Enjoy cheap, fast and effective bulk SMS service!

Finally, you can reach out to us or +234 909 871 9082 if you have further questions.



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