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SMS Provider

Are you looking for a professional bulk SMS in Nigeria text messaging platform? SMS Provider is the answer to all your bulk SMS service needs in Nigeria. We have an exceptional delivery to all GSM networks. This is a unique and professional bulk SMS Nigeria text messaging platform that is easy to use. We have over 8 years’ experience in managing bulk SMS. SMS Provider is the most effective and highly efficient bulk SMS website in Nigeria. With an unbeatable record in terms of our user-friendly website, reliability, speed, delivery and users’ mission accomplishments our platform is the best.


What is Bulk SMS?

You might be wondering what Bulk SMS is? Well, Bulk SMS is a service that enables dissemination of a large number of SMS messages at once to a large number of recipients.  This is usually a large list of mobile numbers.

Similarly, bulk SMS is rated as the most effective means of passing across information. Bulk SMS has an open rate of 95%.  Its advantages are enormous and it cannot be overemphasized.



Professional Bulk SMS

SMS Provider is the best and most reliable bulk SMS website where users can confidently send bulk SMS in Nigeria. Likewise, users have absolute trust and confidence in the reliability of our bulk SMS service. Also, the delivery rate on our SMS provider website is 100%. No shortfalls in delivery on our bulk SMS gateway. Send a text message today for as low as N1.99k on our SMS Provider platform.

However, to start sending bulk SMS on our SMS Provider platform, you would need to create an account with us. You can read up all about how to create an account on SMS Provider. We also have various SMS packages that come at different prices. There is the starter package, the premium, and the professional package.

Finally, Sign up now and start sending the bulk SMS to your customers, friends and family members at a very affordable rate of N1.99k.


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