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MTN bulk SMS service is a fast and reliable method of passing information to as many people as possible. SMS Provider platforms enable subscribers save their data, send and receive messages both locally and internationally. How can I send bulk SMS? The process of sending bulk SMS has been made very easy thanks to bulk SMS service providers who have provided detailed steps to be followed when a subscriber wants to send bulk SMS.

MTN Bulk SMS Service

The first step in sending out MTN bulk SMS service is to create an account. To create an account a new subscriber is required to fill the necessary details into the provided field. A standard registration form usually consists of Contact name, Email address, phone number, username, password and sometimes date of birth. The new sign up can change his/her password when needed.


mtn bulk sms service


The next step is to fund the account to be able to start sending messages to recipients. The minimum amount that can be paid in most bulk SMS platforms is #1000. After payment, send the following details in your payment details.

Bulk SMS has a whole lot of benefits to business. Financial institutions, restaurants, hotels, service companies and retail outlets all have use for bulk SMS services.  It goes without saying that one of the fastest and reliable ways to reach people is through their mobile phones. Companies (banks) use bulk text messaging as a tool to stay connected and maintain a good relationship with their customers. For examples; for sending out personalized birthday messages, season greetings, payment confirmations and promotional messages.


mtn bulk sms service

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You can use the SMS Provider platform to send short and precise messages to all your customers.

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