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Bulk SMS Provider: Promote Your Product And Services

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Bulk SMS Provider: Over the years there has been a significant rise in mobile messaging applications, SMS is still the most convenient way for businesses to get through with their audience. With an open rate of 98% compared to 23% of emails, bulk SMS text messaging is an affordable business strategy.

Promote your products and services with Bulk SMS Provider

Promotions and Discount offers

Going by its affordable nature, businesses can easily run campaigns to promote their products/services and even support their campaign sales and discount offers.

For Instance,

  • “Come join us with a glass of red wine and plate of shepherd’s pie at Rouge’s Bistro, 8-10pm tomorrow!”
    • “Happy New Year’s day!!! Celebrate by taking an extra 5% off all International Transfers. Visit our website today www.errandpay.com

Appointment Reminders

If you own a service-oriented business such as an eye clinic, beauty salon and more, where you have to arrange an appointment with your customers, in such cases a simple appointment reminder text can help you considerably bring down the number of no-shows, not to mention enhance customer experience.

Below is an example.

Hi Adebimpe, you have a hair treatment/coloring appointment @ 12 p.m. at The Hair Place.

Warm Regards,





This is how text messaging helps your business stay connected with your existing customers. It could also bring about referrals from existing customers/clients to potential ones. That is, by offering ongoing service, helping them whenever there is a need and informing them about promotions or discount offers.

Although you could automate these messages, it would be profitable to go the extra mile by sending personal, friendly and relevant SMS messages. These are some of the simple ways business SMS could boost customer value and engagement. SMS ads are free from advertising and spam unlike other marketing channels such as email and their likes that are completely overrun by advertising and spam.

Also, you can read our post on 4 tips for writing effective SMS campaigns.

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