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Use bulk SMS for Black Friday sales. This period and sales fest ushers in the holiday period and festive season, as shopping skyrockets and people look for the best deals around them. Bulk SMS & SMS marketing impacts Black Friday sales in a big way, providing ecommerce website owners with a unique opportunity.

Campaigns announcing Black Friday sales are being consumed everywhere, including on mobile devices. It, therefore, makes perfect sense that you advertise Black Friday deals, promos and events using Bulk SMS.

Almost everyone in your target market owns mobile devices, that they carry on the go at all times. Ninety-five percent of marketing messages sent via SMS and MMS are opened, so crafting marketing campaigns around mobile devices makes a whole lot of sense, as many retailers have discovered.

Use bulk SMS and SMS marketing to send sales alerts to customers, as well as exclusive coupons, deals and much more.

Use Bulk SMS for Black Friday Sales

SMS helps you disseminate large volumes of messages to your target audience. Using bulk SMS helps you improve the conversion rates because it is by far the channel that brings in the highest conversion rate – everyone reads their SMS and therefore gets the message about your deals and promos. This positions you for high visibility.
According to EzTexting, “SMS marketing is certainly aiding retailers in their efforts to increase holiday revenue…mobile marketing allows businesses to alert customers to Black Friday deals quickly, easily, and earlier than ever before. And with a simple click-through of a hyperlink, SMS receivers can make fast and easy mobile purchases. That means bigger sales, satisfied customers, and happier business owners this holiday season with SMS marketing.”


bulk SMS for Black Friday


SMS has an innate personal touch to it. So if you hone in on the personal, emotional nature of SMS in the message you are sending out, you’ll see a lot more purchases. SMS feel more personal to your customer than an email. You should, therefore, use that knowledge and ensure that your communications always have that personal touch. This imbibes an attention to loyalty and consequently helps you retain customers more than any other channel. Your ecommerce website will enjoy running your own loyalty program using bulk SMS, even after the holiday sale season.

Other Bulk SMS Strategy:

Use SMS Provider and SMS Marketing to automate the messages that customers get at different points in time for your bulk SMS for Black Friday, as they navigate and use your ecommerce platform.

1. Send time-sensitive promotions.
2. Send Birthday SMS to your customers and users.
3. Use SMS as order confirmation as soon as customers place an order.
4. When their order is being shipped, SMS is a great way to let them know.
5. When they abandon carts or stop shopping in the middle of good navigation, SMS is a great way to alert them to continue shopping.
6. Also, use SMS for customer retention and reactivation, especially for products they purchase regularly.

Thankfully, Bulk SMS is cheap, so its a great marketing tool.

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