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Reselling Bulk SMS 

Bulk SMS business is a volume driven business with a greater advantage for growing customer base. As a wholesale bulk SMS reseller, you have a platform that helps you retain your customers once they sign up with you they are bound to stay with you buying SMS regularly from you.

There are many benefits of becoming a reseller but ultimately it all boils down to increasing profitability. There are many definitions of reseller however whether you are a reseller, retailer, distributor, wholesaler, affiliate, franchisee, entrepreneur or an agent, selling the products or services of another company is a great way to generate revenue for your business!

The basic tools needed to start a Bulk SMS business:

  • Laptop: Your laptop doesn’t have to be new or expensive. All that is required are the basic features of a laptop. Also, it has to be able to connect to the internet via LAN (a cable that can be connected to a router or modem) or WIFI.
  • Internet connectivity: This can be broadband or a modem which may be wireless (can connect to with a LAN or cable or by using a WIFI device) or non-wireless (can be connected to only through a cable).
  • A website: You need a web interface for clients to send SMS. An admin interface for you to manage the users(clients/customers) accounts i.e add clients’ information to the database, delete clients from the database, edit clients’ information, add SMS credit to clients’ account.


SMS is the fastest, easiest and most reliable means of reaching mass potential customers. Below are the following reasons why you should consider reselling bulk SMS on SMS Provider.

  • It has a high response rate than any other advertising channel in the world today.
  • A Bulk SMS reseller can earn extra profit from selling bulk SMS.
  • Selling Bulk SMS / Voice SMS is not time-consuming and it can be done along-side other businesses.
  • A bulk SMS reseller in Nigeria does not need to acquire an office (except he or she desires) and can, therefore, work from anywhere in Nigeria.
  • Bulk SMS resellers in Nigeria can be his or her own boss, however, this is a personal decision.
  • Bulk SMS resellers in Nigeria become the CEO of his or her own company after registering your business with CAC.
  • A bulk SMS reseller in Nigeria can apply for a current account at the bank for business transactions.
  • Reselling bulk SMS can help find new products & suppliers that add value and increase sales revenue.
  • Reselling bulk SMS can find franchise opportunities & new business opportunities to start a new business

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