Choose SMS Marketing for your Marketing Strategies

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SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the fastest and one of the most efficient mobile marketing strategies. It is key in any marketing campaign. You want to make sure your desired recipients get the message you sent. Here is how email and bulk SMS fare.

Reasons to Choose SMS Marketing Over Other Marketing Strategies

  • EMAIL: If delivery is something you are looking at in your SMS marketing campaign, email is not really the best. Email services nowadays have a strict spam filtering system. Many email users are even going to great lengths to re-customize their email account to further block unwanted emails in them. Such is the bad taste people have for spam. Your marketing message can easily be redirected to the spam box by email service providers, and many persons disregard spam messages.


  • BULK SMS: While it’s true that network operators are equally currently filtering bulk SMS for spam, it is not as strict as the email. With bulk SMS, provided you adhere to the rules and stick to your domain, you can be quite sure your marketing messages will get to the recipients.


  • RESULT: In emails, as had been considered, the service decides which message is spam and filters it out. Even if your marketing message will be considered as undesirable and deleted, at least you can be sure the recipients saw it first. The impression might still linger in their thoughts and they might remember you in the future.


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